Why Delivery

Incorrect device use (whether during setup, administration, or cleaning) and nonadherence can be major obstacles to achieving treatment goals for your COPD patients.1-3

1Incorrect device use is common among COPD patients

More than 95% of patients with COPD make administration errors with inhalers, as demonstrated by multiple studies evaluating device technique—leading to potentially inadequate delivery of medication to the lungs.2

2Poor adherence is associated with poor patient outcomes

Nonadherence to medication regimen led to higher rates of hospitalization for COPD patients,* based on outcomes from a study of 6112 patients conducted over a 3-year time span.4

3These problems persist after patient hospitalization and instruction

In a 4-year study of over 200 patients5:

Only 7% of patients with severe COPD administered their inhaled therapy regularly and correctly more than 80% of the time, in the month after hospital discharge.

31% of patients used their inhaled therapy regularly but consistently made errors in administration technique despite repeated instruction in the hospital.

*Hospitalization rates were 0.27 for nonadherent patients vs 0.15 for adherent patients, with adherence defined as >80% use of medication.

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